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Magnetic Metal Adsorption Double Sided Phone Case For Iphone 6 7 8 6S Plus X Xs Xr Xs 11 Max 12 Pro Shockproof Full Body Clear Glass Metal Bumper Protection Cover

Phone Case For Model 1:For Iphone6

Phone Case For Model 2:For Iphone6S

Phone Case For Model 3:For Iphone6 Plus

Phone Case For Model 4:For Iphone6S Plus

Phone Case For Model 5:For Iphone7

Phone Case For Model 6:For Iphone8

Phone Case For Model 7:For Iphone7Plus

Phone Case For Model 8:For Iphone8Plus

Phone Case For Model 9:For Iphone x

Phone Case For Model 10:For Iphone Xs

Phone Case For Model 11:For Iphone xr

Phone Case For Model 12:For Iphone xs max

Phone Case For Model 13:For Iphone11

Phone Case For Model 14:For Iphone11Pro

Phone Case For Model 15:For Iphone11Pro Max

Phone Case For Model 16:For Iphone12

Phone Case For Model 17:For Iphone12Max

Phone Case For Model 18:For Iphone12Pro

Phone Case For Model 19:For Iphone12Pro Max

1.Soft and comfortable phone case, like baby's skin, comfortable touch experience

2.Protects your phone from dirt, scratches, dings and shock

3.Colorful colors,fashion design

4.Perfect hole design

5.High quality mobile phone case

6.The surface wear-resistant, anti-skidding, dust-proof, anti-fingerprint and easy to clean.

7,Full Body Transparent Tempered Glass Case to show out the original beauty of your phone.

8,Made from metal aluminum frame and tempered glass covering the front and back of the phone, provides protection against scratch, dust and fingerprint.

9,The phone case adopts Magnetic adsorption technology , built-in magnet surrounds the glass case, and the metal frame is automatically adsorbed when it is near to the phone case.Easy to install.

10,Precise cut-outs for speakers, camera, charging ports, audio ports and buttons.guaranteed true feeling of your phone and preserves its original hand feeling.

11,Comfortable, lightweight, sleek design that protects without adding bulk; Support wireless charging and will not affect the signal transmission.

phone case

  • Telefonen Tilfældet For Model 19: For iPhone12Pro Antal
  • Telefonen Tilfældet For Model 18: For iPhone12Pro
  • Telefonen Tilfældet For Model 4: For iPhone6S plus
  • Telefonen Tilfældet For Model 8: For Iphone8Plus
  • Telefonen Tilfældet For Model 13: For iPhone11
  • Telefonen Tilfældet For Model 7: For Iphone7Plus
  • Function2: Adsorption
  • Telefonen Tilfældet For Model 12: Til iPhone XS Antal
  • Telefonen Tilfældet For Model 14: For iPhone11Pro
  • Telefonen Tilfældet For Model 10: Til iPhone XS
  • Kompatible Mærker: APPLE
  • Function1: Anti-banke
  • design1: Almindelig
  • Telefonen Tilfældet For Modellen 17: For Iphone12Max
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • design2: Gennemsigtig
  • Telefonen Tilfældet For Model 1: For iPhone6
  • Telefonen Tilfældet For Model 6: For iphone8
  • Design: Gennemsigtig
  • Telefonen Tilfældet For Model 2: For iPhone6s
  • Telefonen Tilfældet For Model 11: Til iPhone XR
  • Telefonen Tilfældet For Model 3: For Iphone6 plus
  • Telefonen Tilfældet For Model 9: For iphone-X
  • Telefonen Tilfældet For Model 5: for iphone7
  • Telefonen Tilfældet For Model 15: For iPhone11Pro Antal
  • Telefonen Tilfældet For Model 16: For iphone12

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