Motorcykel 7" Motor H4 LED Forlygte Trim Ring Bezel Visir 4.5" tågelys Trim Ring Kanter For Harley Touring Street Glide FLH


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For 7inch Visir Stil Forlygte Trim Ring Materiale:metal Farve:krom Sort Materiale Diameter:7inch Garanti:1 år Solgt i enhed:Hver boks:Forlygte trim ring Til 12-16 FLD, 83-13 Touring (bortset fra Tour Glide og For Road Glide), For 94-senere Road King og For 08-13 Trike modeller.4,5 tommer 4-1/2 tommer Visir Stil Passerer Lys Trim Ring Materiale:metal Farve:krom Sort Materiale Diameter:4,5 tommer,4 1/2 tommer Garanti:1 år

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  • Element Vægt: 1kg
  • Materiale: Aluminium
  • Element Type: Forlygte Montage
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)

Tags: bezel metal, logitech g305 lilla, pazoma harley forlygte, fatboy led, 883 harley, harley davidson street glide parring, kinesisk plakat, lampe ring, gatsby hat, road glide særlige.


There was a month, while the delivery is paid. On each ring there are defects, on the central There are 2 defects of Chrome closer to the bottom of the ring, not very noticeable but still, on each ring for some reason there are "Staks" on the metal as from a small screwdriver. If on small rings it is closer to the bottom, then on a large at the top and it will be visible. The Chrome itself on the rims with a good layer is laid only on the outer part, closer to the headlights, the layer is thinner and this is noticeable. Well, the preparation of metal for 4 plus before chrome plating, the shine shows the risks that are usually obtained when molding by the press. Conclusion: You want the perfect quality-look for the Americas, although I did not find it, so I decided to take with Ali.
Lz Henry Martins
Good quality, iron, heavy, Chrome good
Andy 10lf
The small rings are fine, the large 7” ring does not fit in the FLHXS batwing and is useless
Inn 9876
OK, 1995 fit.