LeonLion 2021 Runde Solbriller Mænd Legering Briller til Mænd/Kvinder Brand Designer Solbriller Kvinder Vintage Lunette Soleil Homme


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kr30.40 kr23.99

  • Størrelse: One size fit all face
  • Anvendelse Scope: Shopping,Fest,Rejser,T Viser,Kørsel
  • lens color: Sort Grøn Rød Lyserød Blå Sølv Guld
  • Linse Bredde: 50mm
  • Velegnet til ansigtsform: Runde ansigt,Lange ansigt,Firkantet ansigt,Ovale ansigt
  • Pakning: Stofpose/Fiber Klud
  • Linser Materiale: Poly-Styren
  • Ramme Materiale: LEGERING
  • Andre Navne: Solbriller,Briller,Briller
  • Produkt Certifikat: CE,FDA,UV400
  • Navn På Afdeling: Voksen
  • Model-Nummer: Sunglasses 4246
  • Linse Højde: 45mm
  • Synlig lysgennemgang: 99.9%
  • Stil: RUNDE
  • Mærke: LeonLion
  • Køn: MÆND
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Solbriller Stil: Klassiske solbriller
  • Linser, Optiske Attribut: UV400

Tags: rayban sunglasses ci, kingseven kvinder, ray-forbud, aun glasses women, solbrille retro mænd rundt vintage, vintag, 2020 solbrille kvinder, gucci, uf vintage, colnels solbriller.


Vovan Larkin
Average products it's not like the presentation.
Vasiliy Semenov 79
Glasses are good. If you have a wide face-may not fit, the arms are narrow enough. We arrived in 20 days, tracked all the way.
Den U Ska
I purchased 6 pairs of sunglasses from LeonLion and something that plagued all of them was hinges that are stiff and\or creak a lot. I tried some WD40 on one of them and it seemed to do the trick for now. Also they come with a very basic wiping cloth and cloth bag. They all feel somewhat plasticky but they are light and feel good. All in all, really good for the price, and as usual, if any issues come up I'll leave an update. Cheers! Considering this model specifically: I really liked these glasses from the photos and I definitely like them in real life as well. I only used them a little bit today but so far so good. These were quite comfy and seemed to have polarization as my phone screen (AMOLED) looked distorted. I prefer a normal lens but to each their own. They came in good condition and I'm happy with the design.