Sort Punkt Støvsuger Sort Prik Hudorm Remover Sort Hoved Remover Støvsuger Sort Prik Acne Pore Renere Hud Pleje


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kr242.13 kr145.30

  • Strømkilde: Genopladeligt Batteri
  • Størrelse: 220*110*50MM
  • Mærke: Apumbia
  • Har 10: Facial Comedo Acne Extractor Redskab
  • Funktion: Varm & Kold Massageapparat
  • Funktionen 14: Bumser Værktøjer
  • Feature 12: Sikker,Ugiftige og Effektiv Pore Vakuum
  • Har 15: Hudpleje Værktøjer
  • Nominel Spænding: 5V
  • Funktion 4: Pore Renere
  • Indslag 2: støvsuger sort prik
  • Funktion 9: hudorm remover vakuum
  • Funktion 1: Hudorm Remover
  • Opladningstid: Om 2 Timer
  • Batteriets kapacitet: 500mAh
  • Funktion 11: Et Kit til Alle Facial Skind
  • Funktion 3: sort punkt vakuum
  • Type: Hudorm Remover
  • Har 16: vakuum pore renere
  • Funktion 5: sort hoved remover
  • Har 13: LED-Display USB-Genopladelige
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Funktion 6: hudorm vakuum
  • Funktion 7: hudorm emhætte
  • Funktion 8: Acne Remover
  • Model-Nummer: X3
  • Fremstillingsprocessen: Maskine-Lavet
  • Råvare Kvaliteten Certificering: CCC
  • oprindelsessted: Kina
  • Materiale: Plast

Tags: tecar, ren facial, pore renere vakuum, vacuum cleaner, dhl, galvan facial, aa-batteri recharg, acn, koreanere hudpleje u n, vakuum sealer.


The parcel is delivered quickly, packed very well. The box is whole, packed in film. The device looks impressive, expensive. Good materials, beautiful, clear and clear screen. Includes a charging wire, instruction, different nozzles and spare filters that can be used again. Multiple operating modes and two types of light. First they were skeptical about this thing. Read the instructions and put aside. But the other day, red spots from beginning acne began to appear on his face. We decided to try the device in work. Were pleasantly surprised. Even at the first speed, the device is quite strongly seated to the skin and really cleans it. Compared plots after processing and nearby. In general, after a one-time procedure, the growth of acne stopped and the red has disappeared. For sensitive and thin skin does not fit. We recommend taking this device because of the quality and beautiful screen. I liked it very much, we use it. Thank you!
Works fine, I recommend.
This priproduda exchanged for coins, he would not have bought it himself, but when used was extremely surprised, really sucks the pimples and black dots three suction speeds. A little I use to complement the review.