300XL Blækpatron til hp 300 XL hp300 Blækpatron til hp Deskjet D1660 D2500 D2560 D2660 D5560 F2420 F2480 F2492 printer


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Remanufactured Ink 300XL 300XL 300 inkjet Cartridge Combo Package Black inkjet cartridge for HP 300XL CC641EE Tri-color inkjet cartridge for HP 300XL CC644EE Ink volume 18ml for HP 300XL black inkjet cartridge 18ml for HP 300XL Tri-color inkjet cartridge Compatible Printer For HP Deskjet D1600 Series D1620 D1630 D1658 D1660 D1663 D1668 printer For HP Deskjet D2500 Series D2530 D2545 D2560 D2563 D2566 D2568 printer For HP Deskjet D5500 Series D5545 D5560 D5563 D5568 printer For HP Deskjet F2400 Series F2410 F2418 F2420 F2423 F2430 F2440 F2476 printer For HP Deskjet F4200 Series F4210 F4213 F4230 F4235 F4238 F4240 F4250 printer For HP Deskjet F4400 Series F4435 F4440 F4450 F4470 F4472 F4473 F4480 printer For HP Deskjet F4500 Series F4580 F4583 printer Kindly Notice : Different Area use different ink cartridge model although printer model is same!Please check your original ink cartridge model number before place order.Our ink cartridges are Remanufactured.If the ink cartridge used in your printer For HP 300 (or 300XL) ink cartridge, our ink cartridge will be compatible with your printer Tips before Installation: 1. Please Remove the Protective Cover and Blue Tape before installing. 2. Make sure the black and Tri-color cartridge are put in right place when install into printer. 3. When printer show low ink capacity or empty cartridge during printing, it not means the real ink volume inside cartridges, please replace a new cartridges only when ink use up and could print no more words. 4. When the printer or computer pops up a message'Non- genuine ink cartridges installed'/ 'Used or Counterfeit Cartridges Detected, etc', please press 'OK' or 'Continue' button to go on print.

  • Kompatibel maskine model: Deskjet D1660 D2560 D2660 D5560 F2420 F2480 F2492 F4210 F4224
  • Kompatible Mærker: HP Inkjet -
  • Type: blækpatron
  • Mængde: BK-18ml Tri-color-17ml
  • Patron Status: Fuld
  • farve: sort, tri-farve
  • Funktion: Re-Fremstillet
  • Produkt model: 300xl
  • Mærke: Linpan
  • Model-Nummer: 300xl
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Bulk Pakning: Ja

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Dasha Pyatyh
Well received and very quickly. Package well protected. Not yet tested the cartridges so to see...
Noom Num
Fast and correct. I count when I try them with some truquillo ;-)
Gleybson Kenned
Everything is perfect. Thank you
I'm still testing it but everything looks perfect, shipping in 7 days